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on: 11/25/20, 02:18 AM
If you've browsed Slender Man fansites, you've probably heard of 'The Tulpa Effect.' It argues that Slenderman is a thoughtform generated by the belief of tons of people. I've laughed it off... especially considering the fact that the first time I heard of this was from a cheesy clickbait video on Youtube. But then I did some research.

You see, the human brain is FAR more powerful than you could ever believe. Look up the 'Placebo Effect' if you want to understand what I'm getting at. So, what if there was some sort of shared consciousness? Yeah, I dismissed that all as pseudoscientific, Deepak Chopra bullcrap... Until the evidence came knocking on my doorstep.

The first event happened on July 2nd, 2015. That's when the 'North St. Paul Slasher' killed his first victim. You see, I have family living there, and I occasionally go to visit them. The drive from Michigan to Minnesota is long and grueling, but I've had bad experiences with airports, so I only fly internationally. And it was on one of these drives that I found out about it. I was twiddling with the F.M radio on my car when I stumbled upon a local news station. The newscaster started to report on a murder case in the neighborhood of North St. Paul. A woman had been found dead in her home. She was lying on her bed with her body positioned to look like she was still asleep; however, her throat was slit, and her chest was sliced open. The suspect was unknown.

The report continued with interviews, I'm assuming with witnesses and police officers, but I didn't want to listen to that anymore. I quickly switched the radio to a music station and attempted to put what I heard in the back of my head. During my stay, my family members became more and more paranoid. One day, I asked them what all the fuss was about, and my cousin, Trey, looked me dead in the eyes.

"It ain't safe out there."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I said it isn't safe out there."

I was incredibly fucking confused by that answer, and Trey could tell I was puzzled, so he started to explain. "Look, Sam... There's... been several murders near us. These people were killed in their sleep, with their throats slit and their chests cut open. The only surviving witness to these murders was the son of one of the victims, who walked in on the murderer, killing his father. He says the man stared at him and told him to go back to his bedroom and sleep." All of a sudden, what I heard on the radio jumped back into my head.

"I...actually heard about one of the murders on the way here... on the radio," I confessed. Uncle Lenny just scowled at me after I said that. "Then why didn't you tell us?"

"I thought it wasn't that relevant! Don't people... like... get murdered every day?"

Trey then cracked a joke. "Look, Dorothy, I don't think you're in Detroit anymore!" He laughed while everyone else just stared at him.

The rest of the day was quiet. Nobody spoke to me, or Trey, for that matter, for the rest of the day. My brief vacation ended a few days later, with me packing my things and driving back to Michigan.

When I got home, I followed the news on these murders very closely. I browsed through local news sites, made a couple of posts on true crime forums, and... I'll be honest, I've lost sleep over it.

An ending to that saga did come, on April 7th, 2016. They had caught the man. I believe his name was something like Geoffery Barnes or something like that... You should have seen his fucking mugshot. He looked like he got rejected from playing The Joker in 'The Dark Knight.'

However, that wasn't the only event of interest.

On February 12th, 2016, I browsed a couple of paranormal forums when I stumbled upon a thread from a man complaining of being stalked by some being that crawled on all fours. It started with people wondering if it was some sort of animal until OP posted an image of the creature. It was a grey humanoid with hollow eyes and a gaping jaw. I dismissed it as being photoshopped and continued browsing. More and more threads came up. A concerned mother was posting about how her son had disappeared after playing a hacked retro video game. His last nights were wracked with nightmares of a popular video game character killing him. Somebody made a thread linking to a YouTube upload of a missing episode of a popular children's cartoon where a character commits suicide. The video only remained up for a few hours before it was removed for violating YouTube's policies on violent content. The posts kept flooding in. There were sightings of tall faceless men, people were complaining about loved ones performing self-mutilation on themselves and sending their body parts through the mail, and countless more. I didn't know what was causing this rise in activity... Until a few years later.

Today, I logged back onto that forum and read through the threads. The content got weirder and weirder as I read. Video game characters were literally coming out of computer and tv screens, television shows were accurately predicting people's deaths, and there were more and more cryptid sightings. However, I noticed that there was one reply throughout all of the threads that remained almost the same.

It read:

'This is no coincidence.'

It would then be followed by a link. The link would vary from post to post, but it would always lead to some website that contained scary stories, also known as 'Creepypastas.' What was odd was, the stories were incredibly identical to what the people were experiencing on the forum were going through. The man complaining about the crawling humanoid? That was 'The Rake.' The boy who disappeared after playing a video game? Perhaps he had downloaded 'Sonic.EXE.' The suicidal cartoon character? 'Squidward's Suicide.' The self-mutilation and mailing of body parts? Those people definitely watched 'Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv.' And that Geoffery guy? Geoffery sounds like Jeffery, which can be shortened to... you get the point.

As I went through the threads... It all made sense. And then I remembered the Tulpa Effect.

Now, you may be wondering, why the hell am I posting this?

I'm posting this to warn you. Every time you read one of those damn stories, every time you listen to some dude on YouTube narrate one of those damn stories, every time you make or look at fan art of the characters in those damn stories, and especially every time you go onto your computer and write one of those fucking things... You are literally bringing the horror to life. People are dying... For what? A cheap scare?

And considering how powerful some of these beings are, you are opening Pandora's Box just by being on one of those sites. The difference? Hope isn't in this box.

So, if someone close to you dies in mysterious and supernatural instances, I want you to remember:


(The post above was posted onto several forums dedicated to the writing of short scary stories online.

A few days later, a body was discovered under a bridge in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The cause of death was a bullet to the head. However, no weapons were found at the scene. One odd thing to note is that the fingers on the victim's right hand were in a 'finger gun' pose with his pointer finger pointing at his head. A note was found near the body. It read:

'I guess I'll take the least painful death that was written about on those sites.'

This death has been ruled a suicide.)
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