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Creepypasta / Escape from Discovery Island
« on: 04/01/21, 04:50 AM »
What we encountered from that island, we thought it was all talk and no show, But after what went down it was definitely no bullshit. It will be told by my team and I, which I consider them brothas will introduce themselves later on in the story. We will be using our codenames, whether you believe us or not we know what we saw and it will stick to us till our dying day.

I will be known as “Fives” throughout in the story, I was part of the arm forces and I am a big fan of the Clone Wars of course, I am what you would call a Bounty Hunter, I have done jobs that don’t necessarily have killing in them but it has involve reconing and breaking bones and turning them in for the money, I have limits to it but the pay is very well and it pays the bills. Of all the jobs I’ve done in the past this next one got me questioning, why do I accept this job in the first place? The employer for this job contacted me through my business email and said that he had a job for me and will like to talk in person. At first I wasn’t too sure about that but I still kept my guard cautiously I agreed on meeting the employer in a specific location, we met and sat, talking business about the job. while we met I asked him, ”how did you get my info?“, “I got your contact from one of the employers you’ve done in the past with” he replied. “Very well, before we continue what name shall I call you?” I asked him. “For now call me Trench”. I agreed and as the waitress brought us our drinks, Trench had whiskey and I had a soda, “Now the job I have for you is one of the most classified ones that others have declined to do and what if you had the courage to do so“ Trench said. “Well that depends what does it imply to” I said, “ Well I’m sure you have been to a place called Disney World yes?” Trench asked, “ I have, but I just never had the time or pleasure to go over there“ I replied. (Now hearing the name Disney World got me thinking why does this job have to do with Disney World, does he want me to spy on someone?, kidnap someone of higher power?, or maybe just maybe, find the frozen body of Walt Disney, it had to be that because he did say it was classified that others have turned down this type of job so it’s got to be that, but boy was I wrong. “ So what does this job have to do with Disney World?” I asked. “ I will tell you that is if you accept this job, all I’m telling you now is that the job is real and the money is real so do you accept?” He asked, “ How much are we talking about“ I asked, “Like I said only if you accept this job” Trench said. I sighed, “very well I accept the job” I said.”Excellent, now This job is about I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about is Discovery Island“ Trench said. I choked on my Coke when he mentioned that  name, “Discovery Island?” I said shocked.(of course I’ve heard rumors and stories about the place and was a bit skeptical with it with all the urban legends, crocodiles roaming the island, the tale of one guy who got ripped to pieces by mutated monkeys, not to mention that’s being haunted by all Disney costumes. “Exactly what job does going to Discovery Island have to do with any of it?” I asked. “Well you see A while back a group of teens went missing, they were scheduled to do a meet and greet because they are a popular group on YouTube they were last seen in Disney World in the daytime, since then they haven’t returned to the hotel they were staying at and their manager was supposedly with them, but not close enough apparently” Trench said. “What about the parents?” I asked. “Apparently they were taking a while to get ready so the manager just took them without waiting for their parents he was the impatient kind“. I’ve heard that one before, “but what about the police didn’t they get involved?” I asked. “They did but apparently they didn’t want to make a big deal out of everything to make other kids get worried since it is called the happiest place on earth they are trying to keep it in the down low, Even so they still check the entire park, they came back with nothing, however a friend of mine said that he saw a group of kids being put on a boat not too long ago and taken to the island by a hooded figure, he already tried going to the police with this as a witness telling his story,  the police went to go search on the island but they came back with nothing, He insisted they go back and double or triple check if they have to he knows what he say he told them he’s not crazy, but the police kept telling him that they found nothing they’ll still put it in under investigation but if he keeps pushing it they will arrest him” Trench said.“ OK so your friend believes that these teens might still be alive on the island and are being kept hidden secret, am I hearing that correctly?” I asked him. “ Yes, and of course when I mentioned the island to others before you, their face turned pale and they declined it, now I am giving you this job,however, this job cannot be done alone you need six men to accomplish this job, and your one of the six so you’ll need five more“ Trench said. “Understood, and I believe I may know the five other men will accept his job“ I said. As I said this he then showed me a bag he was caring full of the money that he said. “How what did you say this job was for again?” I asked. “Enough for you need to know and for your little friends, however, if you don’t succeed this job, you and your “brothas”as you called them can kiss this money goodbye and I’ll find others to do this work“ Trench said, making that statement clear. After hearing that now I know we definitely need to succeed on this mission of course we do need the money, He did give me a vanilla folder containing the map of the island which you cant get very far on Google and scroll around, I should know because I gave it a try on my laptop and gave it a virus, $400 down the drain, anyways it also contained the missing teens with their names, and full description of how they look like, it’s a total of 8 teens, 5 girls and 3 boys. (I won’t say the full names but I will say the letter of their first names in the story), “ I will contact you when the job is done“ I said to Trench. “Excellent, I will be waiting” he replied, as he got up,paid for his drink, and walked out through the door, so did I thanking the waitress. The first brother I contacted is who we call “Wrecker”, when it comes to his temper rising it is best not to be on his bad side, overall he Is one tough SOB, Next on the list we call “Cutup” he is a joker at times but when it comes to getting the job done he will always be the one to count on. Next brotha is “Bullseye” he was in the arm forces along with me, We always get sharpshooter qualifications we were close in there and still are in the civilian world. Next was “Eagleye” he really knows about tech. He’s specialty is hacking but for good reasons for, and especially making equipment in a flash so we’ll definitely need him for this type of job, Last but not least “Blackheart” he at times can be coldhearted and seem not to care to hurt people when it comes to the brotherhood you trust each and everyone of us no questions asked so he’s loyal. No I called them up to gather for this announcement I’m about to tell them which is really about this job so I will update when the boys are done introducing themselves.

 This is “Wrecker”, I believe Fives told you how we came to be in this position, *sigh*, well he isn’t wrong when he said we needed cash because we all do need it. “Fives” did indeed inform us about the job the employer told him, we were at first resistant about it because of course we all know about the history of that godforsaken island, and he did make some valid points about our situation, yes it wasn’t our best option but we were running out of them, we do need the cash, the teens?, *sigh*, no offense but I did think that they possibly are dead, because it’s pretty much common sense that they pretty much are dead but nevertheless we did decided to do this job, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride for sure. I especially told my fiancé about this job, yes she did get upset about it after I explained everything to her, she already tried to persuade me not to do it and they look at other options but to be honest there really isn’t any more options, we did go back-and-forth about this and yes she knew we were struggling and we do need to take risks at times, she eventually agreed, I’m getting my stuff ready for this type of job, talk to you later.

 I’m “Cutup” of course Fives told you who I am, The job is risky no doubt about it, no one in their right mind would go to that godforsaken place, I sure as hell know I wouldn’t, and yet here I am the type of guy who doesn’t follow much of the rules, but money is money can’t say no to that, I live with my best pal Scar he is a Great Dane, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world, this money Fives mentioned would definitely help us get through, of all the decisions I’ve made in the past, I’m just hoping I chose the right one with this one, as for the teens, I hope we find them very soon otherwise all this work were doing will all be for nothing. *Sigh*, I better get started on packing, I’m going to turn on a little music, I’m sure everyone has heard of “Hypnotize” by System Of A Down hehe I’m gonna pack, peace.

 “Bullseye” here, I still can’t believe we’re doing this type of job, i’m sure you already heard this already, we all need the money, in case Fives hasn’t explain this already, I am one hell of a sharpshooter, him and I both are, top of our class, have that close brotherly bond back in the Armed Forces, not to mention him and I pick a bone with each other when it comes to hand to hand combat Hehehe. All jokes aside this type of job it’s gonna take more brains than bullets that’s for sure, Especially when there’s teens involved being held hostage sure hope those kids are still alive we’re going to come in lock and loaded, we’re going to chew gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of gum.

“Eagleye” here, yes I knew you all were coming, I saw you coming from a mile away, that’s my job ain’t it?, anyways yes Fives has explained everything to us, and I’ll be watching my bros from a Birdseye view, and I am creating some new gadgets for this type of job which will be helpful and I can make these in a flash, and at the same time I am packing, sure hope we find those teens, and that we all come out of there all in one piece from that Island, gotta pack talk to y’all later, See ya.

“Blackheart”, I really don’t have much to say, and I just want to get this job done, get the cash and go, the teens?, What do you want me to say about them?, they could be dead for all we know, if their dead, they’re dead, I’ll drag their dead carcass out of there if I have too, I love my brothers no question ask about that what is it going to be insane going to the Island, I’m done talking, I gotta pack.

Now that everyone is done introducing themselves we can continue on, as the sun was barely rising for the new day to begin, I got all my gear and equipment inside the van, yes it’s a van, because at least no one will suspect six guys in a van right?, hahaha a little humor for the road. I double checked everything was locked from my house, then I was off to get the boys, then heading off to the airport to Florida. As I picked up “Blackheart” who was our last guy to get in since he lived a bit closer to the airport, “ I’m a bit surprised that none of you actually back down from this type of job“ I said to everyone, “ Come on Fives we all know the reason why we’re doing this” Wrecker said. “ Yeah true“ I said. I then explained to everyone to each of us is getting a teen to protect and get out alive, and some of us are getting an extra kid since Eagleye is going to be watching us with a birds-eye view. Wrecker started giving out each man the bio of the teen they are assigned to, I also did mention that I will be only telling the first letter of the kids name from the beginning, now there is a total of eight kids. Wrecker was taking charge of a 13-year-old girl named “K”, she is 5’4 brown hair, with brown eyes, and, a 13 year old boy named “E”, he is 5’2, as well brown eyes, and brown hair, apparently their brother and sister, terrific. Next, Cutup was in charge of an 13 year old girl named “E”, apparently she is from the UK, nice, anyways she is 5’5, brunette, with gray eyes, and, a 12 year old boy named “M”, he is 5’3, light brown hair, with blue eyes. Bullseye was in charge of a 12-year-old girl named “S”, says she is a dancer, she’s 5’3, blonde, and has light green eyes. Lastly, I took charged of two kids as well, one was a 13 year old boy “N”, he is 5’4, has black hair with brown eyes, next was a 12 year old girl named “B”, she is 5’3, has light brown hair, with light green eyes, and has a red mark on top of her right eyebrow, it looked kind of cool, but I didn’t have time to figure out what it was. So now everyone has their assigned teen, now we just arrived to the airport, got passed security, and wait for our flight. As we were waiting for our plane to board I received a call from an “unknown” number, I answered, “hello it’s Trench, just calling to know if there was any complications” he said, “Hello Trench, we are waiting for our flight to board” I replied. “Very good, I’m also informing you that my friend in Florida is waiting for your arrival, he will lead you to your designated stay in for your trip and also is confirming the wear abouts  of the teens family, they haven’t left Florida since the day they went missing, along with the manager” Trench Said. “Alright, what is the name of your friend so we can get a confirmation?” I asked. “He goes by Harvey, he will help you as much as he can with your work“ Trench said. “Very good, we will contact you when we have arrived to our pinpoint” I said. “Excellent, good luck” Trench replied as he hung up, perfect timing to because our plane was boarding,this was one hell of a flight.

We had arrived at Florida, we met up with Harvey, he was friendly, he was around mid 30s, he helped us with our bags to an unmarked van, then escorted us to the hotel we were staying at, he then started explaining the situation about the job we got which we already knew, but he then told us about the situation with the cops, again we knew, and finally he gave us the location to where the parents of the teens were staying at, which we will pay a visit to soon. We had arrived to the hotel we were staying at, as we settled into our rooms, each of us split up to 8 groups of 2 and I got roomed with Wrecker, as soon we settled the others came to our room so we can plan out our next moves for the next 2 days. It was already 2000 (in case you don’t know what that means, that means 8pm in military time) we thought it was the time for us to pay a visit to the family of the missing teens, I asked everyone to see if they are down with the plan, they agreed, but as soon we were about to leave, “Wait Fives we can’t simply just walk right up to them and say, oh hey there we are mercenaries who were hired to find your kids who we believe are on the abandoned island that’s just across from Disney World” Wrecker said, everyone else agreed on that, “ I know that’s why I made these for each and everyone of us” I said, taking out on of my bags, unzipped it, and pulled out 8 ghost phantom balaclava masks, everyone was so surprised on how the detail on the mask looked. We hid them in our pockets and we dressed all in black, we especially Put black gloves on our hands for no finger scanning recognition. We called Harvey to come get us, and to take us to the location of the parents. We arrived to the motel apparently, we told Harvey to go around back to not make it look suspicious. We all put our masks on and we saw one of the parents Harvey described to us, and they were in the 1st floor, good thing to, We got to the front door and knocked, of course we covered the peep hole, by some luck the didn’t put the latch on the door so that makes our job a bit easier, a lady opened it and we burst it and of course we pulled out our side arms and I told them not to squeal and no one will be hurt, now from the total amount of people, minus us, in the room there were a total of 10 people in there, 8 moms, a sibling to one of the missing teens, and their manager . “Who are you guys?” one of the moms asked me “we are known as GHOSTS, a small ruthless team that isn’t afraid to get our hands dirty, unlike certain people who we call snowflakes”. “What are you doing here and how did you find us?”, one of the other moms asked. “We were hired to find your kids, we have a resource who believes they know where exactly your kids may be” Wrecker replied. “Where?, Where are they?, who is your resource?, who hired you for this?, we have to go to the police, we’ve been searching for them for the past 4 weeks!!” they keep whinnying and complaining But I told them to shut up. “all we can tell you is that we will find your kids that’s all you need to know” I said. “ we’re calling the police” one of the moms said. “Go ahead we ain’t scared of no popo, call them I dare you, I DARE YOU!!” Blackheart said, Wrecker told him to calm down, and I told them you can try but we will be long gone when they get here. As the parents huddled to talk things over along with the manager, we just slipped out of there like ghosts. We got to the van where Harvey was waiting for us and sped off. Heading back to the hotel, went into our rooms and rested up for the next day to to recon the island with the drone that Eagleye made himself I will tell more but for now I need some rest, I will tell more once I have my sleep.

As the sun rose for the day,the others have gathered to me and wreckers room to see what Eagleye has said about using his homemade drone to do recon, as he showed us it it was actually the size of your palm and had a small camera attached to it. But the controller had a big screen to it, what it sees, we see in good HD mode, “impressive” I said to Eagleye, “thanks now let’s get to reconing” he said. As he was setting  up the drone to fly I took out the map of the Island Trench gave me and was ready to pin point where the drone will enter, and in case if the drone doesn’t make it back we got the map as back up. As Eagleye send off the drone to fly It took off away from us, and we can barely even see it but from the controller we saw it looking at us, and taking off to the skies. We saw it passing the park, which then Cutup brings up that he did alittle research on Disney World and there will be an event happening in the park tomorrow night, now that probably will give us an advantage if things go well to plan. Eagleye then circles the perimeter to see what opening we can slip to to enter the island without being detected,we then found one which should have good cover, I pinned where it is at, we then continued to the Island.As we circled the outside of the island we saw something moving fast in the tree lines We tried to see what it was but it disappeared, we couldn’t see it anymore  so we continued on. Eagleye then moved the drone into the Island, it was A bit freaky inside of it I’m not gonna lie, a lot of trees and grass growing on the rides that was once a happy place for kids, and cages that once belonged to animals, but now it’s been taken over by nature.we then heard a weird noise Eagleye turned the drone to looked up and down and all around but didn’t see anything, we thought it was a bird or something, after all there are animals wondering over there. We looked everywhere to see if the kids were still alive somewhere but we didn’t find a trace of them, we then possibly came to the conclusion that they might be dead after all, and this trip was probably all for nothing, I then turned to see the disappointed faces on everyone thinking the money we were suppose to get if this mission was gonna succeed, but now we felt like we failed and are now going back to square one, as we were about to tell Eagleye to pull back off the island he then said “Wait, guys I see a rusted metal door, we didn’t see that before”, we looked and and we told him to get closer, our hearts were beating fast figuring that there might be hope, until you know it, we heard crying and someone calling for help from inside the metal door, we all were shocked to here someone else from the Island, I asked Eagleye “does your drone have a mic so we can talk to them?”, “Yes” he replied, “then press it hurry“, I exclaimed at him, “hello is anyone there?” I asked, “Yes, who’s out there?, please help us, we’re trapped down here!” “Hold on, how many people are down there with you?”, i asked them, “theres 9 of us down here, please just get us out of here!” they said. (9 of them?), I thought while looking at the others, (we got the job for only 8, who the hell is the 9th one?) I thought but as soon I was gonna reply, the drone was knocked out of the sky, and we heard was like a growl but like part a machine, it’s hard to describe it you had to be there to know what I’m talking about, we couldn’t see what brought it down but whatever brought it down it crushed the drone and the feed went off. We were all shocked to know there really are people trapped on the Island. “what the hell just happened?!” Blackheart said, “What the hell” said Wrecker, “Cutup and Bullseye were both sitting there with eyes wide open as if they saw a ghost, (ironically since we were a ghost squadron hehehe), anyways Eagleye was speechless, as for me I was trying to gather my thoughts, that the rumors and stories might possibly be true. “Wait Eagleye, doesn’t your drone have a tracker on it?” I asked him, “yes, but I just hope whatever crushed it didn’t take it” he said. Okay well at least we have the pinpoint of where to go to on the map, and we can track the drone is, we find the drone tracker, we find the metal rusted door where we heard the cries for help.  Now since we got the pinpoint on where to start to the Island, I gave them a quick huddle for what awaits us, “We all know what’s gonna go down, and we don’t know if we will survive tomorrow night but we got ourselves into this, we had a chance to back out, but we didn’t, now we face whatever lurks in that god forsaken Island, get those kids out of there and get them back to their folks, and get our reward money, this is now Operation: Urban Nightmare”.

The night was upon us, It was now time of the assault, Harvey took us halfway to the pinpoint location of where the drone spotted for us. Harvey parked the van a bit out of site,  “good lucks I’ll be praying for y’all” Harvey said, we nodded to him as a thank you, we  then had to stick to the shadows to get to the pinpoint, we made to the location in the shadows without being spotted, I’m surprised no one even saw us, then again Cutup did say there was an event happening at the park, so security wouldn’t bother with us in the mean time. As we hid in the shadows we loaded up our gear up, tatical vests on, loaded our M4’s with ammo, put on our elbow and knee pads, black war paint around our eyes, and finally our our balaclava ghost masks.  Also Eagleye then showed us he took he’s great grandfathers RHIB (The Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) his great grandfather was a Navy SEAL, but he told us that his grandfather called it “Zodiac” I gotta hand it to him, he definitely pulls through and impress us all. Before we started to commence Operation: Urban Nightmare, we said a prayer to make sure we all make it through in one peace. “Beloved Lord, we come before your throne of grace asking you to protect us for what we are about to face in The valley of the shadow of death, strengthen us with your power and minister to our spirits, no evil shall prosper upon us for we will overcome them, and to protect those who are in need to be brought safe back to their families, and to guide us back home as well, Amen”. Now the prays are said and done, Eagleye got he’s laptop set up and got his other drone he packed up in case the other one got destroyed, now Operation: Urban Nightmare  has commenced. As we rode on the ZODIAC to the depths of the water, we scanned each side making sure no one spotted us during the 2 mile drive to the Island. As we arrived to the shore lines to the Island, we then ran to the tree lines to get accountability of our equipment making sure we didn’t loose any of our gear, and making sure the Zodiac was out of sight. as we are doing this we then heard a loud boom, we thought someone spotted us already and started firing, but it just turned out to be the firework show, that scared the shit out of us. None of us lost a part of our gear, Eagleye then got coms check on everybody, we all were set, phase 1 was complete now Eagleye was gonna scout the perimeter to make sure we’re in the clear while the rest of us got the track for the destroyed drone, we got the point, now we stayed in a straight line formation still clipped to each other, now we were on the move.

As we moved through the depths of the jungle we kept our lights On low so at least we can still see but they won’t see us. We scanned all the surrounding areas and we we surprised on how much nature has truly took over the place, as we kept moving we then noticed lights up ahead of us, I told everyone to hold their position, get low on the ground, and pulled security on all sides. Wrecker came up to me to see what I’m seeing, “The hell, I thought this place was abandoned”, Wrecker said Whispering to me, “I thought so to” I whispered back. “Eagleye this is Fives do you read me?” I said to the com link, “Fives this is Eagleye go ahead”, he responded back, “we spotted lights working on the island, I can’t make out how exactly it’s even possible” I said on the com link. “Alright stand by, I’ll see how it’s possible” Eagleye said, “roger” I replied. 5 mins went by, “Fives, as it turns out the Disney corporations still carry energy to the island, checking it from time to time to see if they can make it more profitable to views while they are being distracted by the park, In other words they’re gonna see if they can relaunch the island for the people and their kids”, Eagleye said. Oh shit I thought to myself, that explains why they lied about the pollution in the water, so while they guests leave, they come to the island to see if can still be operational without drawing the crowd, but my question still is (why do they tend to steal kids here so they won’t be found, if they plan to reopen it again?), it doesn’t make sense but as I kept thinking about that, we heard a brach crack, and that surprised us. We got our rifles aimed to were the noise came from, we saw the branches move, “Eagleye, we hear movement on our 12 and we can’t see shit from here we are holding position can you see what it is?” I said on the com link, “yeah hold on  heading to your location” Eagleye replied, “oh I’m ready to blast it’s head off” Bullseye said, “hold on, Eagleye is gonna see what it is first” I said to bullseye, we saw the time drone above us, ”I’m gonna use heat seeker to see what is ahead of you guys, alright I see something, it appears to be only one, it’s moving towards you, get ready!” he said exclamating. We got up, getting into firing position, with our heart beats racing we were about to see what lurks in the darkness, then to our surprise it was a small monkey. We sighed heavily “false alarm Eagleye, it was just a small monkey”, I said with calmness now. “Hehehe all of you got scared of a little small monkey, watch out it might kill us with it’s cuteness “ Cutup saying as if he didn’t get scared as well, “Shut up Cutup don’t act like you were about to shit your pants” Blackheart told him, “Alright guys let’s keep moving ahead” I said to them, we then headed toward the light that’s hanging from above shining toward the abandoned cages of were the animals were once keeped, we had to go through them since that’s where the drone went to showing in the tracker, as we were passing through the abandoned cages I then heard a crunching sound, We looked down and what we saw made our eyes go wide, what we saw lying next to my feet was, a pile is slime that had a wierd color to it like a grayesh green, and next to it was a worn out torn old costume piece, like it belonged to a head since it was like in the shape of a circle, but what really caught out attention was the bottom piece of a jaw. It looked really old because it had a brownish color All over it, “Jesus Christ, that’s fucked up, Bullseye said, “Damn and I thought I’ve seen it all” Blackheart said, “Whatever did this and left it here, it wasn’t human” I said. Alright let’s keep moving, the tracker says the drone is close by, so we left the pieces there and we continued on through. We continued along the trail with tracker on my arm, my brothas watching our surroundings, with the firework show seizing up, hearing the crowds cheering for the end, I assumed this is where everyone is getting ready to either go home or heading back to their hotels.(damn, now that the crowds leaving, that means the skeleton crew and security are now about to commence cleaning up the park) I thought to myself, “ alright ghosts listen up, the shows now over, the people are possibly now heading  back home or to the hotels, which means now the clean up crew and security are now the only ones in the park, now they will be watching over everything, especially a close eye on the Island, we gotta move fast, and make sure we make it as smooth as we can”, I told the boys, everyone agreed and we still kept moving. We got closer and closer to the point on where the drone was, we found it, it definitely was destroyed but the tracker was still intacted. We then we looked slightly to our right, we saw the metal rusted door, I wasn’t going to call out to those locked in there because whoever was in there they definitely weren’t gonna stay quiet. We got to the door, it was sealed tight, the others pulled security while Wrecker and I retired to open the door without making to much noise. We got it open barley but it was enough for all of us the enter, one by one everyone entered, Blackheart was the last one to enter, I closed the door as it was so there wouldn’t be anything suspicious. We then started headed down steps to a lower floor, we then saw what looked like abandoned cages for something big, however the inside of the cages looked liked someone was in them recently with newer items, we then heard crying in the distance, we slowly made our way farther down the hallway, “hello is anyone there?”, they asked, “shh, keep your voices down” I said to one of them, as we looked further we saw 8 teens looking surprised and happy with tears streaming down their eyes, we told them to hush with our index finger to our lips. “It’s gonna be okay guys, we’re the GHOSTS we were send to find you and bring you back to your folks”, I told them, “are you guys military?”, one of them asked, “not exactly” I replied.”Ghosts, check to see if they are the kids from the pics” I said as we all got out the pictures of the teens we were assigned, it’s confirmed, they were the teens that went missing.

We were glad we found the 8 missing teens, however we looked at this 9th person who wasn’t on our list, I asked who they were, they told us their name, but for this story we will call her “O”, she was about 27 years old, she had a soft voice like if your having a bad day, her voice will cheer you up in seconds, and not gonna lie she is very beautiful even if she’s got mud and dirt on her, I told the ghosts to check on the teens make sure they are good and to check if they have any scratches on them, I kept talking to O, “What the hell are you doing in this god forsaken Island?” I asked her. “I was brought here” she said, I looked at her clothes, and she was wearing clothes that was Disney all over it, “you work at Disney?”, I asked her, “yes, I was part of the cleaning crew to clean up the messes these people make, that are to fucking lazy to throw in the trash, I was assigned to do the arena of toontown with a friend of mine, but then I heard other co workers who weren’t assigned that area talking about teens that went missing, and there were rumors that they were taken to this Island, I didn’t believe it at first, but I checked the internet if the teens went missing were true, and it was, a few days later I was again put in toontown arena and I heard people talking saying that the teens won’t escape from the Island, and I even heard one of them say “ya those mutant freaks will deal with them soon, it will be like they never even exist” and stupid of me I gasped loud and they heard me, I tried to run for it but the caught me, and I blacked out, and I found myself in this cage along with these teens”, she said. “How long have you been here for?” I asked, but as she was about to answer, we heard the metal door swing open loudly, we looked into the dark hallway and we heard what sounded like growls and weird breathing noises, “Ghosts, vanish!, don’t worry we are not going to leave any of you here, keep quiet and pretend you don’t see any of us” I whispered to everyone as we hid in the shadows, I told the ghosts not to shoot, as we waited to see what has been kept a secret for all these years. What we saw I kid you not, it was like seeing a nightmare come to life, we saw a worn torn Mickey, and behind him was Donald, and Goofy, but nightmare versions of them, these things looked like the costumes were real and we saw their razor sharp teeth’s , saliva coming down from their mouths, and they  had glowing red eyes, I can feel my heart beat racing faster, hoping they don’t find us and take the teens and O with them. They were staring at them as if they were doing a routine check to see if they were hiding anything, and the teens kept quiet and made it look convincing like they never saw us, the monsters turned around, made some growling noises with one another, but as they were making noises, I saw from above them Bullseye was almost slipping and I was shocked and motioned him not to move, he was trying he’s best, fortunately the monsters left and he sighed quietly and grabbed on to a metal pipe and quietly came down, we all emerged from out hiding spots, and we tried to get the locks out of everyone’s cages, we succeeded, now phase 2 grab and go is done, we then saw a back door but we are not going through it, I lead everyone down the dark hallway and up the stairs quietly, and we were at the door, and I had an idea for the back door we just saw, “Wrecker take everyone to the front and hide in the shadows I’m gonna open the back door”,I said, “What?,Why?” he asked, “just do it I’ll meet up with you later!” I whispered to him as I went back. I went back down to where the cages were, and I opened the back door to make it look like we left through the back but we really left through the front. I made it out to the front, closed it as it was then I heard Wrecker whispered out and I saw everyone crouching in the shadows, “Fives what the hell we’re you doing?!”, wrecker asked, “I opened the back door where the cages were to trick them to think we left through the back when we really didn’t” I told him. “Eagleye we got the packages, scout is our way to the ZODIAC so we can get the hell outta here”, I told in the link, “Roger Fives, I’m here let’s go” Eagleye replied. I looked at teens and O “alright guys, we’re getting you all outta here, let’s escape this dump” I said, seeing they’re eyes cry for joy knowing they’re gonna escape the nightmares they’ve endured. “Ghost diamond formation, O you, and the teens stay in the center, if we’re firing on all sides, protect the teens that’s your priority do you understand?” I asked her, she nodded yes, alright here we go.

We followed Eagleye’s drone as we went into diamond formation, I was the front, Wrecker was on my 3, Bullseye on my 9, Cutup and Blackheart our 6, and O and the teens were in the middle, O was watching the teens and trying to lift they’re spirits up, I heard B, the one with the red mark on her right eyebrow, telling her that her voice sounds like an angel send down to protect us, I can sense that this kids were scared as hell, I can’t blame them I kind of felt the same way as well after seeing what’s been lurking around here for god knows how long. I was gonna say something to her but Eagleye stopped us on our tracks, “Guys freeze i got movement up ahead 3 heat signatures...quick hide!” He said over the link, we all hid in the bushes. We saw those mutated monsters walking by, not making a sound, as we couldn’t see them, I knew where they were headed for, now we knew we gotta hurry. we got up back into formation we kept moving as the drone was leading us back, “RAAAAAAAAAWRRRRRGGGGGHHH” we heard from the distance behind us  as we heard that we heard Eagleye “guys I got heat signatures coming from every direct in your position and there are a lot of them!”, (Oh shit now were definitely gonna start hell on the Island) I thought, “Ghost fire positions!” I shouted, getting our weapons secured, staying in diamond formation, locked and loaded, doing the sign of the cross, I told O to watch the teens and to cover their ears for hell is about to be unleashed. We then hear movement in the trees, as I looked back at my team knowing it might be the last time we see each other’s eyes before we might god forbid die, we then heard Eagleye saying in the link “ guys they’re getting closer, 400,300,200, they’re right on top of you!!” He said shouting, and what we saw, was the stuff of nightmares, we saw what might have been big mutated baboons cause of their sharp teeth’s and sharp claws starring at us, (but at that moment I hade One of my favorite song being played on my head which was Crashed by Chris Daughtry on the part where they hit the “Then I crashed into you”, I don’t know why it was played at that moment but it was), “GIVE THEM HELL!!” I shouted  as they were coming down to kill us, all of hell broke loose as the sounds of our rifles shooting rapidly and seeing the bullets fly into the skies, seeing each body of them mutant monsters falling to their deaths and hearing my brothers shout as we stood our ground, I can also hear the teens and O screaming as we did our work. One by one they were still coming, as the sky blew with red blood hitting us as their guts spat out of them, they all dropped dead as fast as they came, the night grew silent again with the noises of crickets singing, the smoke on our rifles steamed out of the muzzle, we knew no one can penetrate us. “Reload!”, I said to my brothas as we try to do as fast as we can before we get ambushed, Eagleye then said at the links, “DAMN guys I recorded all of that, that was one hell of a firefight!”, “No time to celebrate yet we head back to the zodiac and get off this nightmare” I said on the link. We were reloaded and ready, “Alright ghosts, now we gotta hull ass, diamond formation, and let’s get the hell outta here” I checked on O and the teens, they looked scared but they were alive, “RAAAAWWWWGGGGHH”, we heard the roar again, but this time it was closer, “haul ass now!” I said as we ran as fast as everyone could run, but then a thought hit me again, (Damn, what if they found the ZODIAC, damn if that’s the case we are in some serious trouble now),  as we saw the shore line I then heard Cutup and Blackheart yell out “Oh Shit!!” I turned to see what it was, and those damn mutant creatures was on our ass, we saw Donald and Goofy, and no sign of mutant Mickey anywhere, I told the O and the teens to hide, all of us held our position and fired at mutant Donald and mutant Goofy, and they kept coming but slow and slow they fell and choked from all of the bullets they ate. “*sigh* at least they’re down, now let’s get the hell outta here” we gathered the group and headed to the shore, “Yes, it’s still here” I said, looking at the ZODIAC still intacted. “Eagleye we’re loading the teens on the zodiac and us along with it, everyone is loaded on”, as we are about to turn the zodiac on “RAAAAAWWWRRGGGHH”, my spine  just skyrocketed, we saw mutated Mickey running right at us with high speed “hurry up!, hurry up!, get this thing started!” I said to Cutup trying to ignite the ZODIAC, while we pushed it to the ocean while Cutup was igniting it, but in the moment of cliché came about as it started up, mutated Mickey came outta nowhere and grabbed my leg as I was about to jump on and threw me back to shore, “FIVES!!”, “FIVES!!” I heard my brothas shouting as they zoomed away from the Island, I got up and stood face to face with this monstrosity, “GO, GET OUTTA HERE, JUST GO!!”, getting out my Kbar knife getting ready to strike at it, and mutant Mickey showing it’s sharp claws, the last stand were it came to be the “only one of us will walk out of here alive” moment. (And again I heard the Crashed song by Chris Daughtry, why I don’t know I just heard it again).

We ran towards each other (with the start of “Then I crashed into you part” playing) we scratched and clawed with all we got, I felt a bite mark on my arm, but I had my arm guard on so it’s bite didn’t penetrate through my armor, we let go of each other, I heard Eagleye over the link, “Fives run to the jungle, and we’ll come back for you!”Wrecker said, “No, just get the hostages to safety, Ive gotta end this before anyone else falls victims to these monsters!” I yelled in the link, “Fives!!”,Wrecker yelled, I turned off my com link, and mutant Mickey stood our ground again, the strikes came yet again, unfortunately it had the upper hand, he managed to scar my face, on my left side, i shrieked in pain and I know that mutant freak stopped to see me in pain, and it enjoyed seeing me panting hard to ease my pain, it stood 15 feet away from me smiling wile licking its lips, but I don’t go down easily as we were about to strike again I felt something in my pocket, I took it out, I hade one bullet left, it was for my 9mm pistol, that I used while shooting Donald and Goofy heading towards us, I guess I might have forgotten I hade an extra in my pocket which was perfect. As I strategized on how to load it without it noticing, I hade the mag case on my right side of my chest amor, and my 9Mm pistol on my left leg side, as mutant Mickey was getting ready to charge again for the third time, little did he know , this will be it’s last, we once again ran to each other, it tried swinging it’s left claw to cut me, I ducked, then it tried gutting me with its right claws, I rolled under its left arm loaded the mag with the last bullet to the pistol, mutant Mickey turned to face what he thought it was my face but it wasn’t,He was looking at the muzzle of my pistol, “Hasta al fuego Mother-“, BANG!!

Mutant Mickey...finally... went down, I looked over it’s lifeless body seeing it’s red cold heartless eyes, it knows what stands before and above it, was the person who have fought and defeated it in battle, which no other man has done before in history, and was the one who un throned who was proclaimed Prince of “the most happiest place on earth”. breathing in and out knowing it’s finally over, just when a bright light was hitting me and heard over a loud speaker “stay right where you are, get down on the floor and put your hands over your head”, , (Sure when hell freezes over) I thought in my head, I took off into the jungle, to get a head start, I soon started to hear the what I assumed was the police and not Disney security (which those fools can’t arrest anyone for shit). I took off pretty far but I also heard dogs on my trail, but I cut them off By leaving my scent farther to the jungle, then I went to the short side of the shore, my plan was to grab one of the boats That they left unsecured and get my ass out of there without them noticing, and with luck there wasn’t anyone there, “rookie mistake coppas” I said to myself jokingly, I turned on the engine, as I was about to sped off I saw one of them yell out “hold it right there, FREEZE!”. “Go arrest somebody who you can REALLY catch mall cop”, I said to him while I sped off out of that hell hole, and I heard shots firing in the shore line aiming for my ass, but I was far gone and at a good far distance where they can’t get a good aim I thought, until I heard their boats on my ass yet again, but to my surprise, I saw Harvey driving the van signaling to move down more, I knotted and stirred right and and so did the rest of the cops following me, I then saw the side door open, and I saw my brothas and the hostages telling me to get closer and to get ready to jump. (WHAT?!) I thought there’s no way I’m jumping that’s suicide I thought, then come to think of it, I literally just fought a mutated rodent and took a scar to the face so I shouldn’t be talking, as I got a bit closer to the van, I started praying hoping I made it, and by some miracle if I do make it, I promised I’ll go to church every Sunday, I jumped with the leap of faith.... I barely made it but my brothas grabbed me and pulled me in, “you SOB you had all of us worried, you could’ve been killed!” Wrecker scolding me about my actions, “hey I’m here and alive aren’t I” I said calmly and jokingly, but everyone gave me a huge hug knowing we made it out alive, then they all looked at my face where mutant Mickey left on me, “damn Fives that thing did a number in you didn’t he?”, Eagleye said, “you don’t know the half of it” I replied  and O saw my face and she kissed me on my  cheek “Thank you, for rescuing us”, she said with her angelic voice as B put it. “It’s what we do” I told her, (well we all know why we did rescue them *shhh*).

We then finally returned the teens to their folks, as we looked at a far distance, the reaction of the parents face was one of the best reaction we’ve seen, “Alright Harvey, let’s go”, I said as we needed to drop off O to her family as well. We reached the destination and we dropped her off, “Fives, I believe it is, can I see your face, so I can remember who was my knight in shining armor?”, she asked, “I wish I could, but it’s our way so no one can recognize us”, I said. “please, I promise I won’t tell anyone” as she said that with her eyes doing the puppy eye thing, (I don’t how girls can hypnotize you to do their bidding just by doing that)  She almost got me though, but I decided to show her, I decided ok, she didn’t hypnotize, I CHOOSE to show her my face, when my real eyes glanced at hers, without hesitating, she touched my cheeks and gave me a full kiss on the lips. She the slipped something in my hand, and she winked at me, then left to her house, and you guessed it, it was her number and name I case I forgot, but after that, I’ll never forget it. But after all the excitement we pretty much just packed up from our room and Harvey drove us to the airport but before that happened, we saw Disney World had police tape and police cars around the shore lines of the park, we especially saw news reporters, and them mentioning something about last night where people reported hearing guns blazing in Disney World, we all looked at each other cause we all know the full story, but never the less we made it to the airport, We all thanked Harvey for everything he did for us and I gave him $800, for him to enjoy the rest of his day, he thanked us and he said he will call Trench and let him know the mission was a success, we thanked him and we parted ways.

We made it back home safely, Trench called me soon after, gave me coordinates to meet him to collect our earned reward, we did exactly that. We saw Trench there with 2 bags, “Oh, so that’s Trench you told us about”, Wrecker said, “I thought he’d be taller” Blackheart said. We all got out and met him, “damn what happened to your face?” Trench said, “a big rodent and I fought”  I said jokingly, “Funny” he said, “well, Harvey told me the mission went very good, I’m glad to hear that, I’m sure not many can pull off what you 6 did over there, you all should be proud for that, he said, “Well, I am a man of my word, a deal is a deal, hear is your hard earned cash, you guys earned it enjoy yourselves” he said, Trench got into his car and drove off to who knows where. So that was pretty much it, we did our job successfully, We saved the teens from that nightmare, I got kissed by a beautiful voiced angelic women, and we each split the money We earned and this money is gonna save our lives for a while. Finally I was relaxing on my couch watching the news about the incident that happened at Disney World, “oh shit this outta be good”, I said to myself they mentioned a lot of witnesses  claimed that they heard what they thought was more fireworks late at night at the park but then the realized it was gun shots, and police did say they saw one man and they searched for anyone else that might have been with him, but they didn’t find anything or anyone else, the police also mentioned in case no one else know that the Island was off limits due to the pollution of the waters, (yeah I call that bullshit, ya jackasses), I said to my head, (and no other bodies??, what about mutant Donald and goofy, and those freaky baboons that wanted a bite out of us??), all of these questions I have unanswered, until I heard a knock on my door, I wasn’t expecting anybody,I looked through my window I didn’t see anyone, then the peephole, nothing. I then opened the door and I saw a small package on my step, “I didn’t order anything for a while”, I said to myself, I first kicked it to see if any reaction happened, nothing, so then I brought it inside, and it was a bit heavy to, got my Kbar knife to open it and it was heavily wrapped, so I unraveled it and what I saw inside made my heart feel like it was being squeezed until it popped, It was Mutant Mickey’s head, I know this wasn’t my work, I remembered that i shot it in the head, not cutting its head off, I checked the address on who send it, it didn’t say, who else could have send it, Trench, no not possible, Harvey?, no no still impossible, who could have send this. I still have the head til this day hidden in case if anyone from the corporation or even the cops come, I tried contacting my brothas but haven’t got any response from any of them, Oh No.....


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