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I used to always love doctor who as a child and I had always wanted to go into the tardis. Near my house is a forest that my parents always warned me about to never ever go alone. One day as I was bored I decided to go into the forest on my own even though it was against my parents orders and my friends were all busy that day with thier family and so, I wandered the forest alone.

Then all of a sudden I couldn't believe my eyes that in front of me was a tardis, an actual tardis. I screamed in joy and excitement and my childish dreams were all coming true. Then I observed the tardis and its blue exterior and it was really dirty with a few scratch marks here and there. There was also a phone on the tardis and a phone number that I had to call for the door to open. I phoned it and a heard a deep voiced man had answered the phone.\

"hello who is there?" The man asked me through the phone

"hello sir I want to come into the tardis" I replied excitedly

Then the tardis door opened and when I went inside I was thoroughly disappointed that it wasn't bigger on the inside. There was just a well though with the phone wire extending itself inside the well. Then I heard a voice calling me and telling me "come down the well boy come down" and there were stairs running down the well.

I climbed down the well and there were some off putting smells as I got deeper into the well and as I got to the bottom of the well, what I saw terrified me. I could clearly see body parts and human bones of kids my own age at that time and who had also thought that it was an actual tardis. Then down the hall way a man came out of a door and we both just stood there looking at each other.

I quickly started climbing back up the well and as I looked down at the old, bearded, hagged up looking man and who started laughing hysterically while exclaiming "don't you like my tardis boy hahaha"

As I got to the top I got out of there through the pretend tardis door. I ran home and the next day when i went back to take pictures of the fake tardis from a safe distance, it had completely gone. There was no well or any phone wires, even the outer box made to look like a tardis had completely gone.

I stopped watching doctor who that day.