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It is not my fault your loved ones die
For everyone fears when the end is nigh
When men are shattered and their limbs fly
The blame lies not with me

Tools of death in careless hands
That crush the worlds and plow the lands
And spill the souls like desert sands
The souls that I must see

I long to go where those spirits do
To be free of fate I’m shackled to
To give mankind a peace that's true
But I'll never be set free

My role eternal, and so my life
To be the one who bears the strife
The wrath, the pain, gun, sword, and knife
That brings all hope to knee

Your world of flame, your world of smog
Your lungs shall fill, your oceans clog
And eat away like a rabid dog
But the blame lies not with me

The lazy hands and greedy hearts
That shred nature to bleeding parts
When all the while the rotting starts
And devours all to see

My name is tied to the evil ones
Forever bound to their daughters and sons
And sung in songs of swords and guns
Beneath the withered trees

These monsters claim that I'm to blame
A hungry beast no man can tame
An entity of death and flame
But they created me

It is not my fault that your money's gone
Rendered worthless by the order of one
Who cannot repair the damage done
No, the blame lies not with me

I am fed and fueled by mounds of cash
While those around are turned to ash
And the hopes of those that live are dashed
By consequence of frivolity

To the streets, the lost will turn
Their worthless bills now tinder to burn
The Depression comes, for you to learn
The horrid curse of poverty

Fallen figures of good and kind
Strike deeper than bullet or blade, I find
Failures of the power-mad remind
Of how ruthless life can be

It is not my fault that fear has spread
That the living soon will join the dead
Not a single word spoke I to dread
No, the blame lies not with me

The memories that scar them still
That I bestowed, but not by will
Still writhe and worm and take their fill
Shaping their reality

The men that brave or flee from pain
And return back home to loves again
Still bear my mark upon the brain
Where no one else can see

For he is lost in a world unseen
One that lurks within his dreams
And wakes to shred him at the seams
Leaving but a husk of he

This is the burden that I bear
That I am forced at once to stare
Into the hopeless dark despair
That has come to be because of me

I wanted none of this for you
I want mankind to gaze into
A future bright and peaceful and new
One that I can never see

I say I carry not the blame
But truth is that I wear the shame
That comes from being thrust the name
Of war, for that is me

Forever more I walk the path
Of fragile life destroyed by wrath
Of broken man and psychopath
And wade through the bloody sea

I want, above else, to be set free
And I pray my death resides with thee
And hope these words brought you to see
That truly, the blame lies not with me
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