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on: 03/07/19, 11:59 PM
See you soon

“Wake up.”



I could feel someone’s hands on my shoulders shaking them hard.

I tried to open my eyes. I felt confused. Where was I? What had happened?

Finally I forced my eyelids open. Everything seemed blurry.

“Hey, you’re awake.” The voice said a little too enthusiastically.

I squinted in the direction of the perky voice and ever so slowly a face came into focus. It was the face of a man who looked unnaturally happy. This guy’s grin was huge. It must have hurt smiling that wide I guessed.

“Isn’t this just GREAT!” he said it like it wasn’t really a question.

His enthusiasm wasn’t waning in the slightest and I found him kind of creepy, also I realised I had no knowledge of where I was or how I’d got there.

I scrunched my eyes to try and help me think and it actually helped. I  remembered running. That’s right I was running… from them. Rick and Jed, the two bullies who chased me home from school most nights. Sometimes I managed to escape them and sometimes I didn’t. This time something else had happened… but what?

“What indeed.” said the smiling man.

“Think a little harder Toby, you’ll get there.”

That’s right I was Toby. I was running from Rick and Jed. I thought a little harder. That’s when I saw the car. I’d ran straight in front of it and there was no way it could have avoided me. The car had hit me hard with a sickening THUD. I saw my body flying high in the air at least 10 feet. Then I fell. I hit the road hard and was sure I heard things break. Then nothing.

Nothing… at…all.

That’s when I’d heard the man’s voice telling me to wake up.

“Well, here’s the deal Toby.” he said.

“The deal?” I was understandably confused.

“You died when that car hit you son.” he wasn’t my dad so wtf?

“It’s not the end of the world though, I have some good news for you kiddo” he continued. “Do you feel that?”

“Feel what?” I replied. “I don’t feel anything.”

“Precisely.” He said in that same happy voice. I suddenly realised he sounded like a used car salesman and that I probably shouldn’t trust him.

“No pain in the afterlife Tobes, you broke pretty much everything in that accident. You died when your head bashed the floor. I saw the whole thing. That’s when I brought you here.”

“Is this heaven?” I asked.

“Sorry to disappoint you but no.” he said. “And anyway let me introduce myself, I’d forgotten my manners in all of this skull smooshing. I’m Tanas Dayville.. your guide.”

Now I may have still been a little fuzzy but I know my anagrams and if that wasn’t enough what about that last name?

“Tanas Dayville? You’re the Devil.” I said..

“No.. no no no, oh no.” he replied with a smile bordering on genuine. “If I was the Devil do you think I would tip you off by using that name?”

He had a point I guess.

“I’m your guide, just like I said I was. That name is just an ironic coincidence. I can’t tell you how much distrust it causes. It’s not as if it’s even my fault. I mean who chooses their own name?”

He had another point I guessed again.

“Soo errm.. what now?” I asked. I was aware that I was lying on a bed/trolley type of thing, you know like one of those things they put you on in a hospital when you’re waiting to be seen by a doctor or paramedic or whatever. I sat up right then not feeling the slightest bit dizzy anymore.

“Anyway, I'm glad you’re feeling better.” Tanas said and he kind of playfully bro thumped my shoulder..  “Now we can really get down to business. Are you aware of the clause?”

Clearly I wasn’t and he knew that.

“The clause...”  Tanas explained “is a little bit of fun payback.”

“Payback?.” I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant but I liked the sound of it.

“Payback. You, sonny, were killed by an evil act of malice.”

“I got hit by a car.”

“True, true… but you were chased into the path of said car.”

I supposed I was. NO. There was actually no supposing about it. I was bullied, harassed and chased. I’d been so terrified that  I’d ran into the path of a fast moving car that had killed me. I thought of my grieving mother, my little brother crying over me. I thought of the blameless driver of that car. His life would never be the same now that he’d killed a kid.

“So tell me about this payback.” I said.

“Welllll…” said Dayville, his expression slightly changing now. I couldn’t put my finger on what had exactly changed but he somehow looked different. Still happy, but different. “Because you died of malice you get to send someone to hell. I suggest one of your killers. Either would fit in fine there.”

I thought about it for a second. While it was true I hated Rick and Jed, we were just fourteen year old kids. Maybe they could grow up to be good guys. Maybe? Sure I wanted payback, but sending one of them to hell forever? Forever was a long time. Forever was... well, forever.

“I need to think about it for a while.” I said not knowing what else to say.

“No time to think ToeToe.” Said Dayville. “We have no time. You have to go. This has to be now or never.”
I had a flash of memory of all the years of bullying and I felt anger. I said one word:


Dayville put his hand close to my chest and kind of gestured. I had the weirdest of feelings like I was being pulled out of my body.  I was now stood looking at my own body lying flat and still on the road. There were police all over the place. Two paramedics were working on me, or what used to be me. There was a lot of blood around my head. I didn’t want to be back in that body that’s for sure.. I heard a siren and noticed it was another police car speeding to the scene. My mother was in that car. Then I saw Rick stood by the kerb looking over at my body. He didn’t look in the least bit sorry. He just looked blank. I felt a superhuman anger, malice and rage as I pushed Rick as hard as I could into the path of the speeding police car. It hit him full on. He was flung in the air like a rag doll and he hit the road with a satisfying smack sound.


I saw my mother’s shocked face in the car and I was glad she was wearing her seatbelt.

I heard Dayville’s voice. “Wonderful, wonderful!” it trilled. He sounded manic and evil now and not in the least bit pleasantly cheerful.

I’d done it. I’d sent one of my bullies to hell. Good. Now I could go wherever life, or the afterlife takes me.

I suddenly felt a terrible pain. My whole body felt like it was being crushed and my head felt like it was going to explode.

Daggers. Daggers everywhere.

I heard a voice.

“We’ve got him!, He’s back” I felt something pressing hard on my chest. Everything hurt and I was aware that something around my neck was stopping me from moving. I put my hand up and felt something hard.

“Toby. Toby?” said a voice. A new voice, not that of Tanas Dayville.

“You’re going be fine Toby. Don’t panic, that’s just a neck brace to keep you from moving for now. You’re going to be fine. Your Mum’s here and she’s coming to the hospital with us. Can you hear me?”

I couldn’t speak so I tried to raise my hand to give a thumbs up because I didn’t know what else to do.

“We can give him something for the pain now he’s stable.” The same voice said.

“He’s lucky to be alive, his heart stopped for almost three minutes.”

“But what about that other poor boy, the one that got hit by the police car? He just kind of jumped in front of it.” I recognised my mother’s voice through the fog of pain and drugs.

“I’m afraid he didn’t make it. He died instantly.”

I felt the needle go into my arm and all the pain started to slide away. I started to drift off into a peaceful sleep. And as I drifted off I swear I heard Rick’s voice hiss..

“See you soon Toby.”