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on: 02/19/19, 10:21 PM
I am sure we all know about the television show Doctor Who, right?  Our favorite British science fiction television series?  The one about the time traveling alien who transforms into a new person every time he is dying or is mortally wounded?  Well, there is some dark truth behind it.

There was once a thirteen year old boy named Jonathan Smith who attended an all boys school in London, during the 1940s.  Due to his learning disability he was often scolded by the teachers and bullied by his classmates.  He was a troubled young boy, always day dreaming and looking out the window in a sullen or anxious manner.  When he was walking home from school one day, he was mugged by some of his classmates from his school.  They beat him up badly and he was left unconscious in the street.   When he awoke up a few hours later he noticed several artifacts of his were stolen, this included: his backpack, and his shoes, and noticed that while he was out he gained cuts and scrapes on his arms and legs as well as a black eye and a gruesome bloody nose.  When he got back home his mother scolded him for getting into a fight and she refused to listen when he attempted to explain that he was mugged.  His father had been killed while fighting in World War II, so he had only one parent.

That night, Jonathan changed from a depressed, tormented boy into a cold blooded killer.  The next day, one of the boys who had mugged him was found dead in his room, his throat slit.  Jonathan was tired of being bullied and beaten by all around him, so he decided that it would happen no more, he would kill all who had tormented him.  He decided not to go to school that day and go to the park instead, by himself.  Surprisingly, the boys from his school showed up at the park and hearing about their friends murder, they assumed it was him who had killed him.  They tried to kill Jonathan and they strangled and choked him, but he fought back and the two boys were found dead hours later, suffering the same fate as the previous boy who had been murdered.   When Jonathan faked being sick to avoid going to school one day, his teacher Mr. Hartnell was suspicious of him and decided to go to his house to talk to his mother.  When Mr. Hartnell decided to call the police on him, Jonathan shot and killed both him and his mother, he then locked their bodies in a trunk down in the cellar of the house.

He decided to run away from his deserted home and live on the streets where no one would find him.  He made his own secret hideout in a cavern underneath the streets of London that he had discovered while hiding in the sewers from policemen.  He began to enjoy killing, so he killed anyone he saw when on the streets of London at night.  He killed innocents, helpless innocents because his tormented psyche had told him to do so.  "Kill for fun", his consciousness had told him.

Eventually, police discovered where Jonathan was hiding and he was arrested and taken to an insane asylum.

In the asylum, he often fell asleep and imagined himself to be on another planet.  He called this imaginary planet, Gallifrey, and he believed that the inhabitants of Gallifrey could change their appearance whenever they were mortally wounded.  This was based on how sometimes, he would disguise himself whenever police came looking for him.  In his imagination, he took the form of Mr. Hartnell and believed that he had taken Hartnell's soul when he killed him.  He believed all his victim's souls were in his body and that whenever he died in his imaginary world that he would take the form of his victims.

Fourteen years later in 1962, a television producer named Sydney Newman visited the asylum where Jonathan was imprisoned to help the children there.

Newman was the creator of Doctor Who, and he would create the show one year later, he had heard that Jonathan had a good imagination so he asked him if he could help with his upcoming show.  Newman thought of the concept of time travel in the show and the concept of a telephone box (The TARDIS) as a time machine, it was Jonathan who had invented the concept of Gallifrey and the Time Lords.  The first actor who played The Doctor in 1963 was William Hartnell, who bore a resemblance to Mr. Hartnell.  Jonathan wanted The Doctor to be just like his imagination, to look like his victims.  He was based on Jonathan's personality before he became a killer.  The concept of regeneration, when a Time Lord changed their appearance, would not be introduced until 1966.  By that time, he was still helping Newman come up with ideas for the show.  Every actor that played The Doctor was supposed to look like one of Jonathan's victims and Newman had done these ideas for the show without knowing what Jonathan had been thinking.  The Daleks were based on the boys that bullied Jonathan and the concept of their toilet plunger like guns was based on a time when Jonathan was at school, his bullies had chased him with a toilet plunger to make other children laugh at him.  Also, The Doctor's alias "John Smith" is a reference to Jonathan Smith.

Jonathan committed suicide in 1974 but Newman kept using all of his ideas, he kept Jonathan's sketches in a folder and used them for Doctor Who episodes.  In the present day, Newman is deceased but his folder with Jonathan's sketches is still used.  Each and every incarnation of The Doctor is based on his victims, they just hired someone that looked like his victims to play The Doctor.