February 17, 2019, 09:25:30 AM

Welcome to FearFic.com

We offer a free and easy resource for archiving horror fiction. Unlike other sites with strict quality and/or content guidelines, FearFic.com offers a secure location to preserve a variety of works. From Creepypasta, to Crappypasta, to Trollpasta, we have a specific category for you.

Feel free to create an account on our forum and start posting. Please thoroughly read the form when you're submitting work, and always check to see if the story is already posted here. If you're not sure what category a story belongs in, please ask the community on our forum and abide by the majority decision.

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Site Rules

Q: What should I post here?
A: Scary stories.

Q: What should I not post here?
A: Spam, including "lolrandom" Trollpastas with no redeeming value and/or humor. Please only archive Trollpastas with some effort put into them. Shitposts such as "i ate a poo then i died n im ur ghost my hed fell off" should not be archived here, since the site would flood with them. Do not post the same story more than once, even if there are edits. Only post the most recent "final" edit of a story. Edit or delete the story before re-posting a changed version.

Q: How do I post a story?
A: Sign up for an account on the forum, then click "Post Fiction" in the top menu. Please respect the categories and use them accurately.

Q: What are the rules for posting a story?
A: Make sure the creator doesn't prohibit reposting. Credit the author in the "summary" of the story. (It's a specific box on the post form.) Other than that, simply read the post form and it should tell you what to put in each box.